tammib (tammib) wrote in picturesofus,

i want to click the plastic plastic.

yeah, if you find me interesting and/or what not add me as a friend. i have like 3 LJ friends. I take kindly to critisizem(sp?)
My name is Tammi. I'm a happy person.
Sometimes I enjoy being a zombie
and timetimes I like having fun, with big groups (im the one with black and white stalking's.)
sometimes people join me playing dress up.
I like being happy
sometimes I seem darker then normal visually.
by the way im super lame. i edited THIS picture on just regular paint. it's not so good quality but it's kinda funny with my humor. this is a picture of tom from myspace that edited to be a picture of me into it.
well you make think I'm lame. or you may think I'm not so lame. but I talk to everyone, some find me weird some hate me when we first meet, but everyone usually ends up becoming my friend.
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